Geerte was the webcam girl and Dutch translator in the Season 7 episode A Pox on Our House. She was portrayed by actress Tess Kartel.

In order to try to solve their case, Gregory House managed to get a digital copy of the captain's log book from the wrecked ship that his patient was exploring. Unfortunately, the log was entirely in Dutch and, although House's ancestry is part Dutch, he didn't know the language. Chris Taub was sure the hospital must have someone on call, but instead House signed onto a cam site and found the Dutch speaking girls. He got in contact with Geerte who thought he just wanted a private session, but she agreed to translate for them. House had his team e-mail the log to Geerte.

Geerte started describing the symptoms being suffered by the Africans on the slave ship, but noted both that the Dutch crew was not ill and they had a cat on board. Masters suggests a disease that was common in Africa, but almost unknown in Europe.

However, the idea turns out to be wrong. When House goes into one of the isolation rooms, it appears he might have been exposed to smallpox. The rest of the team is convinced it is, but Masters still works the problem and goes back to Geerte. As they go through the log, Geerte tells her the ship's cat dies. Masters asks if the cat lost its fur too, and Geerte reads further and asks how Masters knew that. Masters realizes that it's a rat borne illness that can kill cats too and resembles smallpox, rickettsialpox.

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