This article is about the clinic patient in Skin Deep. For the patient in Que Será Será see George.

George was a clinic patient in the Season 2 episode Skin Deep. He was portrayed by actor James DuMont.

George came to the clinic complaining of weight gain, occasional nausea, swelling of his arms and legs, and aches and pains throughout his body. He was seen by Gregory House. Dr. House realized that the patient was suffering symptoms typical of a pregnant woman. He thought of something and asked George how far along his wife was. George was astounded Dr. House knew about his wife and said she was about eight months along. Dr. House told George he had sympathetic pregnancy due to an imbalance of sex hormones. He told him there was no treatment for it, but reassured him the symptoms would disappear once his wife had given birth.

However, George came back to the clinic with a new symptom. Dr. House was unavailable and George refused to see anyone else, so Lisa Cuddy agreed to see him. However, George wouldn't discuss his problem with her, saying it was personal and he wanted to see Dr. House again. Dr. Cuddy looked at George's chart, but found Dr. House hadn't recorded any diagnosis. She told George that she was busy and went to leave, but he called her back and finally showed her the problem - he had started to grow breasts. Dr. Cuddy felt that Dr. House was avoiding his duties and, to teach him a lesson, gave George Dr. House's pager number.

George started paging Dr. House who ignored the page for hours before finding out George was in the delivery room. He went there to confront him about who gave him the pager number, but he found both George and his wife in labor. The wife started screaming at George to help her, but Dr. House screamed right back - he told her that her husband was actually suffering through the pregnancy with him and that's as much as he could do in the situation.

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