Gina (surname unknown) was a clinic patient in the Season 3 episode Top Secret. She was portrayed by actress Annie Quinn.

Gina came to the clinic with foot pain and was seen by Gregory House. He did a quick physical examination and found she was merely suffering from foot strain, but Gina kept going on about her boyfriend's sexual desires about her. She also kept sloshing and drinking from a water bottle which, unfortunately, bothered Dr. House because he had a urinary blockage and hadn't urinated in over a day. He finally screamed at Gina to stop it. She became sheepish and apologized. He asked her about her water drinking and she told him he was very observant - she had been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He asked if she had any other sign of compulsive behavior, and she said no. He asked her if she ever got up to drink at night and she said she did - every couple of hours. He then told her her psychiatrist was an idiot - OCD symptoms disappear at night and she obviously had a physical illness - diabetes insipidus. He asked her when she hit her head on the balance beam and damaged her pituitary. She was astounded and asked how he knew she was a gymnast. He said he noted that she was slim, small, had no breasts but did have very strong hands with callouses. She looked very worried and he told her all she needed was a hormone replacement or, more properly because she was on the pill, a second hormone supplement.

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