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"Hal" Connor was one of the patients in Ward 6 at Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital in the episode Broken. He was portrayed by actor Jack Plotnick. His nickname comes from his fondness for the drug Haldol.

Hal was in Mayfield because he was suffering from a severe case of anorexia nervosa; very rare in males. House became aware of Hal's obsession for Haldol when Hal faked a seizure in the ward and one of the nurses told him firmly he wasn't going to get any Haldol. Hal then "miraculously" recovered and went about his day.

While in group therapy, House figured out from Hal's obsessive concern about his food and weight that he had anorexia nervosa. Later, at the basketball court, he made fun of Hal for having it.

However, House and Hal's relationship soon became much less combative. House learned that Hal had the most privileges of anyone in Ward 6 (he was promoted every time he cleaned off his plate at dinner) and was the only person in the ward who had phone privileges. However, Alvie told House that phone privileges were "very expensive" in the economy of the hospital and they couldn't even consider bribing Hal based on what they had. As such, House and Alvie came up with a plan to fake a fight so that House would be sedated. The orderlies tried to drug House with two pills of Haldol, which House hid in his cheek while simultaneously faking the effects of the drug. Despite the fact they had spit on them, Hal gladly took them for phone privileges.

Later, when House was faking taking his medication and he was facing testing, he enlisted Hal's help again. Hal was on the same pharmaceuticals as House and agreed to provide a urine sample by hiding in a stall in the washroom so that House would pass the test. Unbeknownst to House, however, the doctors at Mayfield were suspicious about his steady progress and lack of side effects and had only given him placebos.