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Haloperidol, usually referred to by its trade name Haldol(TM) is a potent anti-psychotic medication.  It is used in the treatment of psychosis, schizophrenia, mania, delerium, hyperactivity, aggression and hallucinations.  It is usually introduced by injection rather than being taken orally.  It works by blocking certain dopamine receptors in the brain.  It is very useful in treating psychiatric emergencies although long lasting forms of the drug can also be used for long-term treatment of certain types of mental illness.  

Haldol should not be used on patients in a coma or those suffering from a stroke.  It is also contraindicated for patients with heart problems, or those who suffer from seizures.  It can have mild to severe side effects, such as dry mouth, dystonia, Extrapyramidal side effects, lethargy, muscle stiffness and cramping, restlessness, and tremors.  One of the major side effects of long-term use is weight gain.  More serious, but rarer, side effects are facial disfiguration and severe muscle spasms.  

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