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Hameron is what some fans call the relationship between House and Cameron. Cameron asks House if he likes her in the episode Control and he says no. Later on, in Role Model, Cameron quits the team. In Kids, she agrees to come back as long as House goes on a date with her. They go on their date in Love Hurts. It ends badly when House says that she likes men that are damaged. In Honeymoon, Cameron tells House that she thought that he was incapable of loving anyone, but when she found out about Stacy, she realized that he just couldn't love her. In Deception, House gives Cameron a ride on his motorcycle; initially she places her hands on his sides at waist level, but he pulls her arms fully around himself, and she smiles. In Half-Wit, Cameron kisses House while attempting to get a blood sample. The pairing is shot down by the show soon after Cameron becomes involved with Chase. In the season 5 finale they get married, but in season 6, they get divorced. Cameron admits that she was in love with House & Chase.

A point of confusion: when Chase asks Cameron if she ever loved him, Cameron says that she doesn't know. But then she realises that House has corrupted Chase vis-à-vis Dibala's murder. That was the last episode to feature Jennifer Morrison as a mainstay: Morrison left the show and Cameron was written out. The reason for this was unclear for quite some time. However, show creator and runner David Shore stated that the reason Cameron was written out was to show that not every character to be around House was going to be corrupted.

Cameron came back one last time as a hallucination to House when he was in a burning building in the series finale. It is shown she has a child, presumably not House's child, but that of a man with whom she finally thinks she found happiness.

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