Name Hector
Age About 17
Occupation Pet
First Appearance House Training
""Hector does go rug” is an anagram for “Doctor Greg House” – that’s how early in the marriage I resented you."
―Bonnie Wilson

Hector is a dog that belonged to James Wilson and his second wife Bonnie Wilson. They bought him as a puppy on their honeymoon. He was kept by Bonnie Wilson after the divorce. However, in House Training, she asks James to take Hector back as she is moving to a pet-free condo. Instead, Gregory House winds up adopting Hector.

The adoption does not work out well. Hector has an obnoxious habit of chewing everything, including House's cane, which Wilson is prodded into replacing.

House tried to "lose" Hector by leaving his door open one day as well as leaving pills where the dog could overdose, but Hector refused to go down. House eventually got his own back by slamming a door onto one of Hector's leg, permanently crippling the dog.

Luckily, Bonnie convinced her condo board to rescind the pet ban and Hector left with Wilson in the next episode, Family.

At the end of that episode, Hector appears to have gained traits similar to House, as he limps towards Wilson and scarfs down a Vicodin that House tosses him.

Hector seems to be a West Highland White Terrier. Noticeably, the lifespan of this breed is 14-16 years, and as remarked by House, the fact he is alive is quite uncommon (but not impossible). Westies (as they are commonly nicknamed) have fitted "scissor" jaws and hard, sharp canines, which can cause quite some damage in whichever they chew on (as seen throughout the episode) in merely a few minutes of constant chewing. They are also quite stubborn, leading with hard training, but can learn unique habits noticeably fast.

In the Facebook game House M.D. - Critical Cases, Hector was a collectible reward and, when paired with Steve McQueen, provided the player with a panacea, the most powerful reward.

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