Helen Davis
Name Judge Helen Davis
Occupation Judge
Actor Helen Carey
First Appearance Words and Deeds

Judge Helen Davis was the judge presiding over House's preliminary hearing for drug trafficking in the Season 3 episode Words and Deeds.

When House gets a phone call from his team, Judge Davis admonishes him, but House keeps talking on the phone and eventually decides to return to the hospital, despite Judge Davis's warning that she will hold him in contempt.

When House returns, he finds Cuddy on the stand perjuring herself by stating that House did not steal oxycodone from the pharmacy, only a placebo. Given Cuddy's testimony, Judge Davis decides that no indictment will issue against House. She realizes that House probably did something bad to Michael Tritter and that's why Tritter is pursuing the matter, and tells Tritter to live with it. However, she sentences House to an overnight stay in jail for his contemptuous behavior.

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