Hemmorhoids are distended veins in the anus, which bulge into the anal canal and become irritated during defecation. Symptoms can range from mild to very painful. The veins usually become distended due to extreme pressure during defecation that is typical of constipation.

The very first symptom of having piles or hemorrhoids is fresh red blood in stool. Pain, Itching or burning sensations are other symptoms. One more symptom is a feeling of full bowel even after the patient has finished going toilet.

Once hemmorhoids form they will not heal, but symptoms can be lessened by the use of steroid cremes, which lessen the inflammation.

If hemmorhoids become extremely painful, they can be excised in many ways, either by freezing, surgery, or cutting off blood flow to the vein. There are also some natural treatments and remedies for piles. Remedies works well in initial stage of hemorrhoids. If problem has escalated to higher stage then ayurvedic medicine can also be used. None of these now require anything more than an outpatient visit.

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