Name Henry
Age Teenager
Occupation Student
Actor A.J. Trauth
First Appearance Control
Last Appearance Mob Rules

Henry is the clinic patient's older brother and babysitter in the episode Mob Rules who returns to the clinic 3 times within the episode. He was portrayed by A.J. Trauth.

Henry brings his infant brother to the clinic when he appears to have trouble breathing.  House uses forceps to remove a small toy from his nose and tells Henry to keep a closer eye on him.

However, Henry and his brother are soon back.  House removes another toy from the infant's nose, but Henry swears that he watched him like a hawk.

When Henry returns a third time, House starts to think that there might be something more wrong.  He's noticed all the toys he removed are emergency workers of some kind.  He grabs a powerful electromagnet and sticks it up the infant's nose.  It latches on to a toy cat.  House tells Henry that his brother is probably smarter than he seems.

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