Hospital Attorney
Name Unknown
Occupation Princeton-Plainsboro General Counsel
Actor Cress Williams
First Appearance Maternity

For other characters who have been PPTH's General Counsel, see Stacy Warner and Aubrey Shifren.

The hospital attorney is the lawyer who preceded Stacy Warner as Princeton-Plainsboro General Counsel. He was portrayed by actor Cress Williams.

In the episode Maternity, there was an epidemic at the hospital that was only effecting newborn babies. The team thought it had narrowed it down to two possible treatments, but there was no way to determine which one was correct. A baby given the wrong treatment would almost certainly die. House wanted to give one baby one treatment and the other baby the other treatment. House talked to Cuddy and the hospital attorney about it. The attorney told him that the parents of the babies needed to be informed that the other child was getting different treatment, but House realized that they would never consent if they were told that. The attorney told him that it was completely unethical and there was no way they would get away with it. House told them that one baby's death would save six other lives. The attorney still said no but Cuddy told him to do what he thought was best and House proceeded with his plan. Ironically, neither of the treatments was correct.

He eventually quit, was fired or retired prior to the episode Honeymoon where Cuddy tells Stacy Warner that they were in need of a general counsel and they hired her.

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