Deletion Policy

The House Wiki is a low relevance Wiki. Any article with any reference to the Wiki is welcome. In practice this means:

- Any article about just about any disease is welcome

- Any article about anyone in any way connected with the series is welcome

- Any article about any character is welcome

- If a link shows red (article doesn't exist), it's welcome

- If you want to do an article about themes in the show, those are very welcome

However, articles will be deleted if:

- They have absolutely no relevance to the Wiki. We weigh both the article title and the content before making this determination. Should we have an article about Jeeves & Wooster on this Wiki? That depends if you can tie it to the show.

- They contain nonsense, even if the title is a relevant article. Someone did that to Brandy Norwood and I deleted it because I wanted to remind myself that we still had to do an article about her. She was on the show for like thirty seconds and had three lines, but she's one of the most important entertainers in the United States today and she deserves an article here.

If you think an article should be deleted, mark it with the "delete" template. In most cases, I will give the editor a chance to justify their article, but eventually, it will be permanently deleted.

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