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Howard Gemeiner was House's lawyer when Michael Tritter was pursuing the criminal case for narcotics trafficking and prescription forgery. He was portrayed by actor Kadeem Hardison.

In Que Será Será, after House gets out of jail, Cuddy found him a lawyer, Howard Gemeiner. Wilson reminded him to call him. House met Howard. Howard reviewed the charges against House: speeding, DUI, reckless driving, resisting arrest and possession of a class three narcotic. Howard asked about the stash of pills at his 221B Baker Street, House told him that they were all prescription. House told him that it was all because Tritter came into the clinic, House was rude to him and this was his was of getting back at him. Howard thought that his personality may not be immediately appreciated by the jury. House told him that he wasn't interested in a plea bargain. Howard told him that it would be his best bet to make this go away. Howard told him that there was a $5,000 retainer, if they ended up going to trial, there would be another $30,000 due before the first day. His hourly was $450.

In Words and Deeds, House and Howard go to court. However, House refused to turn his cell phone off and the odds of them winning were lowered. Cuddy, however, won the case for them by perjuring herself.