Janey Parker was the mother of Ben Parker, the patient in the Season 8 episode Parents. She is married to lawyer Ron Parker. She was formerly married to Ben's biological father Mitchell Gordon.

Janey was concerned that Ben's illness was due to stress from performing. However, it soon became clear that she did not want Ben to pursue a career path as an entertainer and instead wanted him to get a college education instead.

When it appeared Ben would need a bone marrow transplant, Janey finally admitted that Mitchell wasn't dead - she had merely told Ben and Ron that to keep them from looking for him.

When Mitchell later showed up to see Ben, Janey got extremely angry and threw him out. House was surprised how angry she was and soon realized that she wasn't angry because Mitchell had a job as a clown, but because he had hurt Ben somehow. He figured out Mitchell had syphilis, had given it to Ben, and that Mitchell had molested Ben. Janey had found out and threw him out, then told Ben his father was dead so he wouldn't look for him. She confessed that she had never told Ben because he was too young to have realized what had happened.

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