Janice Burke was a woman with Huntington's Disease who was a participant in the clinical trial that was being run by Eric Foreman in Season 5. She was portrayed by actress Lori Petty.

In Let Them Eat Cake, when Thirteen joins the trial she is scared of the patients because her mom had Huntington's and she was scared of her. Later on, however, she meets Janice and seems to become friends with her.

In Joy to the World, Thirteen asks where Janice is and Foreman tells her that she quit. Thirteen goes to talk to Janice, Janice tells her that she quit because she was nauseous and Foreman gave her an antacid and told her to get over it. She tells Thirteen that even with the drugs she doesn't have much time left and she doesn't want to spend it being Foreman's guinea pig. Thirteen confronts Foreman, she tells him that he isn't just acting like House, he is like him. Foreman went to apologize to Janice and she joined a second trial on a lower dose. Thirteen forgave Foreman and told him that he isn't like House.

In the next episode Painless, when Thirteen appears to be shutting Foreman out of her life, he changes her appointment to the time directly behind Janice who is improving due to the drug trial. We don't see Janice again.


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