Jeffrey Keener
Name Jeffrey Keener
Marital Status Married
Occupation Comic book artist
Actor Marcus Giamatti
First Appearance Known Unknowns

Jeffrey Keener was the comic book artist being pursued by Jordan, the patient in Known Unknowns, and her friend Phoebe. He was portrayed by actor Marcus Giamatti.

While treating Jordan, the team realized she was lying about spending the night with a rock and roll band. Pressed for what she really did, Phoebe convinced her to tell the truth. They admitted they weren't interested in the rock band, but saw Keener, the author of their favorite comic book, and decided to discreetly follow him for the night.

Chase and Cameron were sent to interview Keener. He remembered Jordan and Phoebe from the previous night, but said that was because they were giggling and pointing at him during dinner. He said he ignored them. However, Cameron took a dislike to him and didn't believe him.

Later, it turned out Jordan had snuck out of her room. She admitted she had found Keener's sketchbook, which he had left behind at dinner, and decided to return it to his room. She said she didn't remember what happened after that.

Cameron believed Keener had given Jordan roofies, which explained her lack of memory and her symptoms. She confronted Keener again, who had his sketchbook, but he denied seeing Jordan after dinner.

Cameron still didn't believe Keener, but by then they realized Jordan had a condition that prevented her from telling the truth and they decided to use sodium thiopental on Jordan. She gave a story that she had gone into Keener's room and he had had sex with her. However, Foreman was monitoring her responses and realizes she was still lying.

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