Jeffrey Reilich is the father of patient Gabriel Reilich in the episode Cursed. He was portrayed by actor Nestor Carbonell.

Reilich was a major donor to the hospital, so when Gabriel's condition was not immediately diagnosed, Lisa Cuddy insisted that Gregory House take the case.

However, House also had difficulty reaching a diagnosis. As such, Reilich confronted him and told him why he became a donor to the hospital. Reilich was having pain in his wrist and just kept getting passed from doctor to doctor. He finally wrote a big check to the hospital and was immediately diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome and was given corrective surgery the next day.

House was unmoved, but eventually came up with the idea that Gabriel had leprosy. However, there was no possible way he could have contracted the disease as he had never been to where it had been endemic. However, if finally hit him that Reilich's "carpal tunnel syndrome" may have in fact been another symptom of leprosy. House confronted Reilich and grabbed his wrist. Reilich cried out in pain, showing he still had wrist pain. House told Reilich and his wife that one of them had to admit they had been to Asia, as neither had mentioned it in their medical history. Reilich finally admitted he had spent two years on an ashram in India. He covered up this gap in his life with a story that he had been a fighter pilot. House started both Reilich and his son on treatment.

The revelation that Reilich had never been a fighter pilot resulted in a loss of trust between Reilich and his son.

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