Jill was a clinic patient in the episode Maternity. She was portrayed by actress Hedy Burress.

Jill came to the clinic because she kept gaining weight even though she was exercising a lot. She was seen by Gregory House, who figured out the issue immediately. He grabbed the ultrasound machine and told Jill she had a parasite. However, he reassured her that many people came to love their parasite, even giving it a name and scheduling playdates for it. He then showed her the fetus on the ultrasound and revealed she was pregnant.

However, Jill was distressed to learn this because of two things.. She had been on contraception, a one injection hormone treatment. However, Dr. House reminded her that she would have been told it took time to take effect. Secondly, she revealed an unsavoury secret that she was not proud of. Some time ago, she and her husband, Charlie, were having trouble, leading him to stay over at his mother's after one fight. While he was out, Jill revealed that she had met up and had unprotected sex with her ex-boyfriend, which she soon regretted. She and her husband soon reconciled, but Jill kept quiet about the affair. Jill feared that if Charlie learnt that she had an affair behind his back and was carrying another man's baby, her marriage would fall apart. House asked if the boyfriend resembled the husband. When she said he did, House recommended keeping the baby.

However, Jill returned to the clinic with her husband Charlie and buttonholed Dr. House. She said she was there to get their test for mononucleosis, but House realized she was there so they could do a paternity test without her husband's knowledge. He also realizes that if the baby was indeed her ex-boyfriend's, Jill may want to have the by-blow growing inside terminated. House went along with it.

Luckily, the baby turned out to be Charlie's, being conceived before having sex with her ex that night. Jill thanked House and wondered if he could help deliver the baby. At first House went to decline, but then he realized that if he agreed, he would be entitled to hang out in the lounge reserved for obstetricians. He went to the lounge and when Dr. Lim and Dr. Kubisak tried to throw him out again, he told them he had a patient.


  • Hedy Burress who plays Jill is best known for playing Yuna in the RPG game, "Final Fantasy X" and its sequel, "Final Fantasy X-2".
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