Jodi Desai
Name Dr. Jodi Desai
Age 30s
Occupation Physician
Actor Meera Simhan
First Appearance The Right Stuff
Last Appearance 97 Seconds

Dr. Jodi Desai, DVM, M.D. was one of the unsuccessful applicants for the three open fellowship positions in Season 4. Before she studied to become a physician, she was a veterinarian. She was portrayed by actress Meera Simhan.

Dr. Desai applied with the other forty applicants in the episode The Right Stuff. She was assigned the number 32. She was somewhat older than most of the applicants. She performed well enough to be one of the final ten applicants.

In 97 Seconds, she was assigned to the woman's team. The woman's team at first thought the patient had heartworms, but Dr. Desai told the others that he almost certainly did not - she used to be a veterinarian, House knew that, and it would have been clearly unfair to the other team. However, the team started to look for diseases that present with similar symptoms.

Dr. Desai was fired after Thirteen correctly diagnosed the patient with strongyloides, but failed to ensure the patient took his medication. Gregory House was particularly unimpressed when they discovered the patient's dog Hoover had died and Dr. Desai put it down to the dog merely being old and passing away after his master died. Dr. House realized that ivermectin would have been deadly to the dog (because of its breed - the medication is also used to treat similar parasites in most dog breeds) and searched until he found a medicine cup with a dog's teeth marks on them. She soon realized that the patient had not taken the medication and that it had been knocked on the floor where the dog got at it.

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