Joe Arnold
Name Joe Arnold
Actor Michael Whaley
First Appearance Ugly
Joe Arnold was the father of Kenny Arnold, the disfigured patient in the Season 4 episode Ugly. He was portrayed by actor Michael Whaley.

Joe is first seen accompanying his son to the hospital. When Kenny gets sick before his corrective surgery, he stays with Kenny while House's team of remaining applicants treat him.

However, every decision House makes seem to have the effect of postponing Kenny's surgery indefinitely. Both Kenny and Joe want the surgery, and plastic surgeon Chris Taub also sees a need for corrective surgery. Taub openly defies House and tells Joe that if he lets him treat Kenny, Kenny will be able to have his surgery sooner.

Taub is nearly fired over the incident, but Lisa Cuddy allows him to stay over House's objections because Taub is now the only doctor Joe trusts.

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