John (clinic patient)
Name John
Actor Cooper Thornton
First Appearance Que Sera Sera

This article is about the clinic patient in Que Será Será. For other uses of "John", see John.

John was a clinic patient in the Season 3 episode Que Será Será. He was portrayed by actor Cooper Thornton.

John came to the clinic because he was suffering from pain in his right arm. He was seen by Gregory House. After taking a medical history, Dr. House realized the pain only occurred when John slept on his arm all night. It was merely a pinched nerve from the constant pressure. Dr. House suggested that John not sleep on his arm, but John said that was the way he always slept. At that point, Dr. House suggested amputation. John was astounded he had suggested that, but Dr. House told him "Well, you said it. A guy's gotta sleep". John asked Dr. House if he was high and left the clinic.

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