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This character was the Judge ruling on the guardian ad litem issues with respect to Alice Hartman in the Season 3 episode Finding Judas.  She was portrayed by actress Jodi Long.

Gregory House wanted to give Alice a cholecystectomy for her gallstones.  Her father agreed, her mother objected and since they were divorced it gave House an opportunity to have a court hearing on the issue.  The Judge came to the hospital for the hearing and House assured her that the father had Alice's best interests at heart.  The Judge thought House was arrogant, but Cuddy assured her that House was usually right.  The judge gave the father guardian ad litem privileges and they proceeded with the cholecystectomy.

However, when it appears Alice is suffering an allergic reaction to everything she's exposed to, House doesn't believe it after she can easily eat a peanut butter sandwich without an adverse reaction.  He thinks it is an infection and wants to give her antibiotics.  However, the father now thinks Alice might be allergic to them and refuses treatment.

House calls for another hearing, and unfortunately gets the same Judge.  House supports the mother this time, and given that House has been right before the mother checked him out and found out he was the best doctor anyone knew.  She wants to give Alice antibiotics too.  However, the Judge is tired of showing up and instead makes Cuddy Alice's guardian ad litem.