Julia (medical student)
Name Julia
Occupation Medical student
Actor Smith Cho
First Appearance Histories

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Julia was a medical student in the Season 1 episode Histories. She was portrayed by actress Smith Cho. She and Chris Dewey were assigned to do a medical history of Jodi under the supervision of Gregory House while he was dodging clinic duty.

House sent them to see the patient while he goofed off. When they came back, she and Chris had different patient histories. House asked how much the patient weight and what color her nose was. Neither Julia or Chris knew, so House gave them a huge neurology textbook and told them it started with "C". He then went to goof off again.

When they came back, House realized they had gone through the index, trying every diagnosis. He took them to see Jodi and got an entirely different medical history than the two students did. House explained the patient was confabulating, a symptom typical of Korsakoff's syndrome. The patient was severely underweight and was suffering from malnutrition that caused the condition, which is why House needed to know what she weighed. The other thing that causes Korsakoff's is alcoholism, which is why he asked about the nose. He reminded Julia and Chris they should treat all patients as if they have Korsakoff's because everybody lies.

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