Name Karamel
Occupation Stripper
Actor Becky O'Donohue
First Appearance House Divided
Karamel was the stripper seen at Chase's bachelor party in the Season 5  episode House Divided. She was played by Becky O'Donohue.

At one of Wilson's bachelor parties that House decided to plan, Karamel was the stripper that he hired. When Chase and Cameron were getting married, House begged Chase to let him plan the party. Wilson warned Chase not to however, House did anyway. House tried to remember the name of the stripper and the Amber hallucination remembered it was Karamel. Wilson soon discovered that his apartment was being used for the party. Karamel was also at the party and House reintroduced her to Wilson. Soon after, Wilson, Foreman and Thirteen were taking shots off of Karamel. Taub told Foreman that Thirteen and him were perfect for each other. However when Chase took a shot off of her, he realized that she had strawberry body butter and he was allergic to strawberries. House had known that Chase was allergic to strawberries and accused the Amber hallucination of trying to kill Chase. Chase was rushed to the hospital.

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