Kathryn Adams appeared in three consecutive episodes of House in Season 3 and Season 4.

In Human Error, she is credited as "Pretty Student #3" and suggests that the patient may have botulism. House gives her a B+ for the idea but rules it out because the patient has no history of exposure.

In Alone she is credited as "Young Doctor" and is the emergency room physician who tells House that Cuddy has sent out a memo to everyone telling them not to help him with his case. However, she follows him into the hallway to do a differential diagnosis in hopes of landing a job. She convinces House that the patient is probably doomed and he tells her to send in her resume, which he will probably never read.

In The Right Stuff, she is credited as Number 23 and is the first applicant to be fired when she misidentifies Buddy Ebsen as Neville Chamberlain.

Apart from her appearances on House, Adams has appeared in several guest roles on other series.  She returns to acting in 2013 as the star of McTaggart's Fortune.

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