Name Kenzie
Age 17
Marital Status Single
Occupation Student
Actor Stella Maeve
First Appearance Small Sacrifices
Last Appearance Carrot or Stick

Kenzie was one of the three women Robert Chase slept with at Sanford Wells' wedding. She was portrayed by actress Stella Maeve.

Robert Chase was at his womanizing best and managed to convinces Kenzie and Nika to have a threesome, leaving poor Eric Foreman behind getting drinks.

However, after someone started pranking him in Carrot or Stick, Chase had to track her down. He got her name and phone number from Wells, who was a bit upset that he was chasing after two women and his niece. After eliminating Wynn Phillips, the niece, someone make a large charge on his credit card. He remembered giving Kenzie his credit card to order drinks and went to see her.

Kenzie wasn't upset at all, except that Chase hadn't called her when he obviously enjoyed her company more than Nika's. Chase soon realized that Kenzie lived with her parents and she was evasive when asked how old she was, finally admitting to "...eighteen. Almost". She then proved her innocence by saying her parents didn't allow her on social media sites because of all the sexual predators.

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