King Miles
Name King Miles
Marital Status Engaged to Queen Shannon
Occupation Renaissance fair performer
Actor Wes Ramsey
First Appearance Knight Fall

King Miles was one of the Renaissance fair performers in Knight Fall and a good friend of the patient Sir William. He is engaged to Queen Shannon. He was portrayed by actor Wes Ramsey.

Miles is first seen asking if Queen Shannon will chose a champion to stand against the Captain of the Guard Sir Horace the Black. Shannon picks William and gives him a scouting report that helps him beat Horace. However, after winning, William collapses. Miles calls for medical attention.

Miles visits William frequently while he's in the hospital, but when the team learns that Shannon may be in love with William, suspicion turns to him. House visits the fair and finds the Apothecary has hemlock which he thought was a wild carrot. He also learns the Apothecary sold some of the hemlock to Miles.

Miles claims innocence, but admits to purchasing the hemlock and feeding it to his knights as a food challenge. He thought it was a wild carrot as well. However, most of the knights tried the hemlock and no one else suffered ill effects.

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