Larry Zebalusky was one of Wilson's terminal cancer patients in the Season 3 episode Merry Little Christmas. He was married to Mrs. Zebalusky. Although he is seen briefly, the role is uncredited.

Zebalusky is near death and Wilson is with the family to help them cope. House barges in, ostensibly to complain to Wilson again about how Wilson sold him out to Michael Tritter. Soon, Mrs. Zebalusky is at her wits end and tells House to leave. However, Wilson realizes something is up and catches House trying to steal Zebalusky's pain medication. He sends House out of the room without it.

However, knowing Zebalusky is near death, House decides to try to intercept Zebalusky's next order of pain medication at the pharmacy. He convinces Marco that he's doing Wilson a favour, but Marco insists that House sign the pharmacy log. Unbeknownst to House, Tritter is monitoring the logs and catches House red handed.

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