Lida was the mother of Lue, the patient in the Season 8 episode Body and Soul. She was portrayed by actress Samantha Cutaran.

Lida brings Lue to the hospital after he goes into respiratory arrest and falls unconscious. She immediately dismisses any suggestion from Lue's grandfather Xang that her son is possessed by demons.However, she later becomes apprehensive when Lue suddenly screams at her in Hmong, a language he has never been exposed to. Lida continues to fight with Xang, who is convinced there is only a supernatural reason for Lue's symptoms.

Eventually, she allows Xang to perform a ceremony to drive away the demon. This angers House and he decides not to try to treat Lue for the disease he believes is causing his symptoms - patent ductus arteriosus. However, Jessica Adams treats him with ibuprofen. When Lue recovers, Lida refuses to believe it was the ibuprofen.

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