Dr. Lim is an attending obstetrician and obstetric surgeon at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He is portrayed by actor Kenneth Choi. He was a recurring character in Season 1.

When Baby Girl Hartig started spitting up blood the parents called their obstetrician, Dr. Lim. Dr. Lim examined the infant and noticed she was lethargic. The baby then had a seizure. Dr. Lim diagnosed a small bowel obstruction and put her in intensive care. However, Dr. House overheard the diagnosis of Baby Girl Hartig while watching TV in the obstetrician's lounge (where he was not allowed, it's reserved for the maternity ward physicians) and about a fever being suffered by Baby Boy Howson and went to review their charts himself. He convinced himself that an infection was spreading in the hospital as Baby Girl Hartig's bowel x-ray appeared clear. He reported it to Dr. Cuddy. The case was later given to House.

Dr. Lim Babies&Bathwater

Dr. Lim canceling Naomi's surgery.

In a later episode Babies and Bathwater, Naomi Randolph was a patient who's life could be saved if she had a Cesarean section, Naomi however didn't like the odds of a Cesarean Section. There is however a clinical trial that could save her and her baby House goes to the doctor in charge of the clinical trial and tells him the patient will start in two days. Dr. Lim is in charge of the Caesarean section, after they put Naomi to sleep Dr. Lim says that Vogler just called, they need to cancel the surgery.

Later on Naomi develops a blood clot. As Naomi is going to die within the next few hours, House offers Naomi's husband the chance to consent to a Cesarean section to save the baby even though the operation will kill Naomi immediately. Dr. Lim performs the operation and they successfully save the baby, although Naomi dies during the procedure.

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