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Main characters[]

Gregory House, M.D. - Played by Hugh Laurie. Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Specializes in infectious diseases and nephrology and a board certified diagnostician while also possessing an anti-social nature as well as an unwillingness to meet or treat his patients.

James Wilson, M.D. - Portrayed by Robert Sean Leonard. Head of Oncology Department and House's only close friend.

Lisa Cuddy, M.D. - Played by Lisa Edelstein. Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator of the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in NJ. Season 1-7

Eric Foreman, M.D. - Portrayed by Omar Epps. Replaced Cuddy as the Dean of Medicine in Season 8. Formerly House's fellow in neurology.

Robert Chase, M.D. - Portrayed by Jesse Spencer. His character was a part of the team of diagnosticians who worked under House until the end of the third season when House fires him. Robert Chase is the longest-serving member of House's staff.

Allison Cameron, M.D. - Portrayed by Jennifer Morrison. Specializes in Immunology and Internal Medicine. Season 1-6.

Chris Taub, M.D. - Portrayed by Peter Jacobson. He becomes a member of House's new diagnostic team in the Season 4 episode titled "Games." Season 4-present.

Remy Beauregard "Thirteen" Hadley, M.D. - an Internist who is well known for being shrouded in mystery. She is portrayed by Olivia Wilde. She was portrayed by Julia Putnam in flashbacks. Season 4-Season 8.

Lawrence Kutner, M.D. - Portrayed by Kal Penn. He became a member of House's new diagnostic team in "Games", the ninth episode of the fourth season. Season 4-5.

Martha M. Masters (Amber Tamblyn) - A bright young medical student that Cuddy assigned to House to replace Thirteen. Season 7.

Jessica Adams, M.D. - A doctor House met in prison and convinced her to follow him to PPTH. She is portrayed by Odette Annable. Season 8.

Chi Park, M.D. - A neurology resident at PPTH who fell into House's orbit when she was suspended for punching her supervisor. She is portrayed by Charlyne Yi. Season 8.

Secondary Characters[]

Edward Vogler (Chi McBride) - The hospital's chairman and most important donor. Season 1.

Stacy Warner (Sela Ward) - House's ex-girlfriend. Seasons 1-2.

Michael Tritter (David Morse) - A police detective who House mistreats in the clinic. Season 3.

Lucas Douglas (Michael Weston) - A private detective. Seasons 5-6.

Juan "Alvie" Alvarez (Lin-Manuel Miranda) - House's bipolar roommate in the psychiatric hospital. Season 6.

Dr. Darryl Nolan (Andre Braugher) - House's psychiatrist. Season 6.

Other Season Four Applicants[]

The Applicants

Main patients are in bold type

Recurring characters are in bold italic

Unseen characters are in italics

Other characters are in plain text

Season One[]


Rebecca Adler (Robin Tunney) - A kindergarten teacher

Orange Guy (Andrew Airlie) - House's first clinic patient. House suspects the patient's wife is having an affair. He is diagnosed with taking too many megavitamins. He later goes to Cuddy to try to have House fired.

Asthma Mom (Maya Massar) - A young mother who doesn't like it when her son uses steroids

Molnar (Ethan Kyle Gross) - A tired clinic patient


Dan (Scott Mechlowicz) - A high school lacrosse player with double vision

Young Mother (Kylee Cochrane) - A mother who doesn't believe in vaccinations

John Funsten (Alex Skuby) - A litigious clinic patient

Occam's Razor[]

Brandon Merrell (Kevin Zegers) - A college student

Marco the Pharmacist (Marco Pelaez)

Jodi Matthews (Lauren Cohn) - A clinic patient who House figures is going to be fired soon.


Baby Girl Hartig - A sick newborn

Baby Boy Chen-Lupino - Another sick newborn

Hospital Attorney (Cress Williams)

Dr. Lim (Kenneth Choi) - An obstetrician at PPTH

Dr. Kubisak (Ben Parrillo) - Another obstetrician

Jill (Hedy Burress) - A pregnant clinic patient who is not sure who the baby's father is

Soap Opera Doctor (Marc Menard) - A character on Prescription Passion

Soap Opera Patient (Madison Bauer) - A character on Prescription Passion

Damned If You Do[]

Sister Mary Augustine (Elizabeth Mitchell) - A young nun with dermatitis

Marvin (Dakin Matthews) - A Santa Claus in the clinic with irritable bowel

CT Tech (Taji Coleman)

The Socratic Method[]

Lucy Palmeiro (Stacy Edwards) - A schizophrenic with deep vein thrombosis

Dr. Wells (Al Espinosa) - The emergency room doctor

Dr. Bergin (John Prosky) - A surgeon

Wendy (Veronica Leigh) - A young clinic patient who wants ice cream on her birthday

Clark (David Vegh) - A patient with hiccups


Elise Snow (Myndy Crist) - A patient with hypersomnia

Samantha Campbell (Clementine Ford) - A buxom clinic patient.


Matt Davis (John Patrick Amedori) - A high school senior

Chi Ling (Ulysses Lee) - A younger student with the same symptoms as Matt

Bus Driver (Andy Milder) - The school bus driver for Matt and Chi

Georgia Adams (Shirley Knight) - An older clinic patient with fantasies about younger men.


John Henry Giles (Harry Lennix) - A famous jazz musician with ALS

Willie (Mike Starr) - A diabetic clinic patient with erectile dysfunction.

Process Server (Courtney Henggeler)

Judge Winter (Victor Raider-Wexler) - The judge who hears House's application to keep John Henry alive until his assault trial.

Morris (Rif Hutton) - House's lawyer

Brandy Norwood - As herself


Victoria Madsen (Leslie Hope) - A homeless woman

Julia (Smith Cho) - A medical student

Chris Dewey (Ogy Durham) - A medical student

Jodi (Leslie Karpman) - The women who the students are assigned to take a medical history of.

Angela Whitney (Suzanne Ford) - A plastic surgery follow up getting in the way of Victoria's MRI

Shelly Diamond (Bonnie Perlman) - A mother with several potential clinic patients. House fakes a cold to get away from her.

Officer Gilmar (Larry Clarke) - The police officer who returns Victoria to the hospital


Keith Foster (Nicholas D'Agosto) - A high school student with bleeding issues

Dr. Hourani (Maurice Godin) - A surgeon

Ingrid (America Olivo) - House's masseuse

Sports Medicine[]

Hank Wiggen (Scott Foley) - A famous baseball pitcher.

Sharon (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) - A pharmaceutical rep who is sleeping with Foreman

Bryan Singer - As himself, directing Hank's commercial


Gabriel Reilich (Daryl Sabara) - A young boy who thinks he's going to die

Sam (R.J. Root) - A clinic patient with a numb left hand


Carly Forlano (Sarah Clarke) - The young CEO of a cosmetics company

Ricky van der Meer (Joshua Miller) - A young clinic patient

Dr. Simpson (Ron Perkins) - An orthopaedic surgeon and member of the board

Jenny (Sunny Mabrey) - A radiology resident

Mob Rules[]

Joey Arnello (Joseph Lyle Taylor) - A mob informant

Henry (A.J. Trauth) - A man babysitting his baby brother


Jessica Simms (Jennifer Stone) - An obese 10 year old girl

Lucille Hernandez (Susan Slome) - A Reubenesque woman with a large benign tumor

Role Model[]

Gary H. Wright (Joe Morton) - A senator running for president

Susan (Missy Crider) - A divorced woman who claims not to be having sex

Nurse (Bobbin Bergstrom)

Babies & Bathwater[]

Naomi Randolph (Marin Hinkle) - A pregnant woman

Officer Davis (S.E. Perry) - The officer who pulls them over

Olive Kaplan - A seemingly malnourished infant

Gail Friedman (Diane Sellers) - A social worker

Hayden Brown (Guy Camilleri) - A clinic patient with hemmhoroids


Mary Carroll (Skye McCole Bartusiak) - A 12 year old diver

Brenda Previn (Stephanie Venditto) - The hospital's head nurse

Dr. Yule - Cameron's possible new boss

The candidates to replace Allison Cameron were:

Love Hurts[]

Harvey Park (John Cho) - A masochistic patient

Aubrey Shifren (Matt Malloy) - The hospital's attorney

Ramona (June Squibb) - An elderly woman with an overactive lover

Three Stories[]

The Farmer (Brent Briscoe) - A farmer with a puncture wound in his leg

Volleyball Player (Andi Eystad) - A teenage girl with tendonitis

Mid 30s man (James Saxenmeyer) - A patient with a history of drug seeking behavior

Carmen Electra - Filling various roles in the flashbacks

Dr. Riley - The usual lecturer who has used a lot of sick days

And in the audience of medical students:


Ambulance Driver (Mark Hames) - The paramedic who arrives just after Mark is drugged by House

Season Two[]


Clarence (LL Cool J) - A death row inmate suffering from hallucinations

Dr. Nolo - A cardiologist who House describes as a worthless drunk

Cindy Kramer (Christie Lynn Smith) - A clinic patient who seems to have terminal cancer


Andie (Sasha Pieterse) - A 9 year old cancer patient

Brad (Randall Park) - A clinic patient who attempted a self-circumcision

Dr. Murphy (William Jones) - A neurosurgeon

Morty Randolph - A cadaver that the surgeons practice the procedure on

Motorbike Salesman (Jonathan Fraser)

Humpty Dumpty[]

Alfredo (Ignacio Serricchio) - Cuddy's handyman

Robert (Charles Robinson) - An African-American clinic patient with high blood pressure

TB or Not TB[]

Sebastian Charles (Ron Livingston) - A famous tuberculosis doctor

Cecilia Carter (Andrea Bendewald) - A clinic patient who thinks she has cancer

Mandy (Mary Wickliffe) - A clinic patient who is allergic to her mother's cat

Daddy's Boy[]

Carnell Hall (Vicellous Reon Shannon) - A young graduate of Princeton University


Jeff Forrester (Kristoffer Polaha) - A famous cyclist

Dr. Louise Harper (Alanna Ubach) - A psychiatrist who is treating both Mark and Stacy Warner

Allen (Tom Lenk) - An ex-smoker with diarrhea


Kalvin Ryan (Matthew John Armstrong) - A man suffering from AIDS

Infection Control Officer (Hamilton Mitchell)

Steve McQueen - House's pet rat

The Mistake[]

Kayla McGinley (Allison Smith) - A young mother with intense stomach pain

Dr. Ayersman (John Rubinstein) - A transplant surgeon

Dr. Schisgal (John Lafayette) - The head of the disciplinary committee

Chuck (Greg Winter) - A clinic patient with no health insurance


Anica Jovanovich (Cynthia Nixon) - A woman who collapses at the OTB

Dr. Imelda (Xhercis Mendez) - A hospital pathologist

Hailey (Nell Rutledge) - A clinic patient with a poor understanding of contraception

Failure to Communicate[]

Fletcher Stone (Michael O'Keefe) - A famous journalist

Peter Foster (Bruce French) - A Medicare review officer

Dr. Taylor - A neurologist House passed over for a fellowship before he hired Foreman

Delores Smith - A former patient of House who was prescribed Viagra

Need to Know[]

Margo Dalton (Julie Warner) - A busy mother and businesswoman


Adam (James Immekus) - A burn victim

Philip Weber (Dan Butler) - The man who got House expelled from Hopkins.

Anesthesiologist (Michael Merton) - Adam's anesthesiologist

Paula (Kristen Pate) - A prostitute

Skin Deep[]

Alex (Cameron Richardson) - A teenage supermodel

George (James DuMont) - A man exhibiting pregnancy symptoms

Sex Kills[]

Henry Arrington (Howard Hesseman) - A 65 year old man

Laura Neuberger (Kitty Kreidler) - A 40 year old accident victim and possible organ donor

Ellen Stambler (Yvette Nicole Brown) - The woman from the organ procurement agency

Tony (Adam Busch) - A young patient with a hot stepmother


Bob Palko (Eddie Mills) - A photographer

Vincent Lambert (Peter Birkenhead) - A clinic patient with herpes

Wilson's Maid (Yareli Arizmendi)


Melinda Bardach (Michelle Trachtenberg) - A young heart transplant recipient

All In[]

Ian Alston (Carter Page) - A young boy with bloody diarrhea

Esther Doyle - A deceased 73 year old patient who House failed to diagnose 12 years previously

Sleeping Dogs Lie[]

Hannah (Jayma Mays) - A young woman with severe insomnia

Mrs. Ling (Alice Lo) - A middle aged Chinese clinic patient

House vs. God[]

Boyd (Thomas Dekker) - A young faith healer

Grace Palmieri (Tamara Braun) - A cancer patient

House's poker buddies

Euphoria (Part 1 and 2)[]

Joe Luria (Scott Michael Campbell) - A police officer

Babyshoes (Chioke Dmachi) - The thief Luria was chasing

Rose (Amber DeMarco) - A young clinic patient who may have epilepsy


Kara Mason (Hillary Tuck) - A young mother

Who's Your Daddy?[]

Leona (Aasha Davis) - A young hurricane Katrina survivor

Max (Owen Pearce) - A young clinic patient with an unusual rash

Patrick Linehan (Christopher Carley) - A sperm donor

No Reason[]

Vince (Chris Tallman) - A man with a severely swollen tongue

Jack Moriarty (Elias Koteas) - A man who shoots House

Season Three[]


Richard McNeil (Edward Edwards) - An uncommunicative cancer survivor

Caren Krause (Clare Kramer) - A young woman who can't move her legs

Cane & Able[]

Clancy Green (Skyler Gisondo) - A young boy who thinks he's being stalked by aliens

Informed Consent[]

Ezra Powell (Joel Grey) - A research scientist

Ali (Leighton Meester) - A 17 year old who develops an infatuation with House

Lines in the Sand[]

Adam Kelvey (Braeden Lemasters) - A young autistic boy

Laura Smith (Kat Sawyer) - A clinic patient who has a stool sample

Thomas Williams (Johnny Crear) - A clinic patient with no back pain

Fools for Love[]

Tracy (Jurnee Smollett) - A young woman

Nurse Wendy (Kimberly Quinn) - Eric Foreman's girlfriend

Que Será Será[]

George (Pruitt Taylor Vince) - A morbidly obese coma patient

Howard Gemeiner (Kadeem Hardison) - House's lawyer

John (Cooper Thornton) - A clinic patient whose arm hurts when he sleeps on it

Son of Coma Guy[]

Kyle Wozniak (Zeb Newman) - A young alcoholic

Mrs. Shaffer (Holly Kaplan) - The woman Wilson makes a pass at in the casino

Fake House (Jonathan Strait) - The man who sets up House's alibi


Jack Walters (Patrick Fugit) - A young pizza place worker

Finding Judas[]

Alice Hartman (Alyssa Shafer) - A young girl with skin rashes

Judge (Jodi Long)

Merry Little Christmas[]

Abigail Ralphean (Kacie Borrowman) - A teenage girl of short stature

Little Girl (Shyann McClure) - A girl with an ambiguous stuffed animal

Clinic Doctor (Michael Medico) - A doctor at St. Sebastian's hospital

Mr. Zebalusky - A terminal cancer patient

Words and Deeds[]

Derek Hoyt (Tory Kittles) - A firefighter

At the rehabilitation clinic

In Court

One Day, One Room[]

Eve (Katheryn Winnick) - A young rape victim

Hiccupping Patient (Nick Slatkin)

Dr. Stone (Michelle Gardner) - A rape counsellor

Patient One (Randy Evans) - A young man with STD symptoms

Patient Three (Bryna Weiss) - An older woman with STD symptoms

Nose Patient (Roger Ainslie) - A well dressed man with nose fungus

Beauty (Kristen Glass) - A patient who costs House $10

Kid (Drew Matthews) - A young man who swallowed a kitchen magnet

Ear Patient (Todd Sandler) - A man with an insect in his ear

Needle in a Haystack[]

Stevie Lipa (Jake Richardson) - A young Roma man

Jack (Tyrace Richardson) - A young boy trying to avoid school

Dr. Julie Whitner (Wendy Makkena) - A handicapped research physician

Dr. Chen (Hira Ambrosino) - An anesthesiologist


Hannah Morgenthal (Mika Boorem) - A teenager with CIPA

Don Herrick (Josh Stamberg) - Cuddy's date


Patrick Obyedkov (Dave Matthews) - A musical savant

Heels patient (Kendra Cover) - A suspiciously thin clinic patient

Top Secret[]

John Kelley (Marc Blucas) - A Gulf War veteran

Gina (Annie Quinn) - A clinic patient who drinks a lot of water

Fetal Position[]

Emma Sloan (Anne Ramsay) - A pregnant photographer

Tyson Ritter - As himself


Fran (Jenny O'Hara) - A wild woman in her fifties

Peng (Jamison Yang) - A Korean passenger

Keo (Tess Lina) - The flight attendant

Joy the Blonde (Krista Kalmus) - A young woman passenger

Businesswoman (Gayla Goehl) - A passenger with herpes

House's back-up team

Act Your Age[]

Lucy (Bailee Madison) - A young girl with symptoms of a woman ten times her age

Eddie (Joel Moore) - A bladder shy clinic patient

House Training[]

Lupe (Monique Gabriela Curnen) - A frequently unemployed young woman


Matty (Dabier) - A young man who is the only bone marrow match for his sick brother

Hector - James and Bonnie Wilson's dog.


Addie (Lyndsy Fonseca) - A young college student

Steve Howard (Tracy Howe) - A young man with floating stool

The Jerk[]

Nate (Nick Lane) - A rude teenager

Doug (David Bowe) - A sunburned clinic patient

Human Error[]

Marina Hernandez (Mercedes Renard) - A Cuban woman

Dr. Cuddy's class

Season Four[]


Megan Bradberry (Bevin Prince) - A trauma victim

Leon aka Dr. Buffer (Pat Millicano) - The hospital janitor

Sam Lee (Ken Takemoto) - A cancer patient

The Right Stuff[]

Greta Cooper (Essence Atkins) - A prospective astronaut

97 Seconds[]

Thomas Stark (Brian Klugman) - A wheelchair bound patient

Mark Allmore (Charlie Hofheimer) - A man who has had a near death experience

Foreman's colleagues at New York Mercy

Guardian Angels[]

Irene (Azura Skye) - A funeral home cosmetician

Eric Foreman's interviewers

Mirror Mirror[]

Mr. X (Frank Whaley) - A patient who acts like whoever is around him

Whatever It Takes[]

Casey Alfonso (Amy Dudgeon)

John (Joel Bissonnette) - A sick CIA Agent

At the CIA


Kenny Arnold (Khleo Thomas) - A young man with a severe facial deformity

Plastic Surgeon (David Campbell) - Taub's former partner

You Don't Want to Know[]

Flynn (Steve Valentine) - A magician


Jimmy Quidd (Jeremy Renner) - A punk rock musician

McKenna (Matt DeCaro) - Wilson's misdiagnosed cancer patient

It's a Wonderful Lie[]

Maggie (Janel Moloney) - A young mother

Melanie (Jennifer Hall) - A clinic patient who House identifies as a prostitute


Dr. Cate Milton (Mira Sorvino) - A research psychiatrist stationed at the South Pole

Don't Ever Change[]

Roz (Laura Silverman) - A newlywed Hassidic Jew

No More Mr. Nice Guy[]

Jeff (Paul Rae) - A man who seems too nice to exist

Living The Dream[]

Evan Greer (Jason Lewis) - The actor who plays Dr. Brock Sterling on Prescription Passion

Dr. Jamie Conway (Rob Benedict) - An inspector from the accreditation board

House's Head[]

Bus driver (Henry Hayashi) - The bus driver in a bus crash

Woman in Black (Ivana Milicevic) - A woman in House's visions of the bus

Bartender (Fred Durst) - The bartender at the bar where House was earlier that night

Stripper (Jennifer Lee Wiggins)

Wilson's Heart[]

Dr. Richmond (Dan Desmond) - Amber's attending at Princeton General

Season Five[]

Dying Changes Everything[]

Lou (Christine Woods) - A personal assistant

Not Cancer[]

Apple (Felicia Day) - A mathematics professor

Frank (Eric Kaldor) - An old man who received a transplant from the same donor as Apple

The other transplant recipients

Adverse Events[]

Brandon (Breckin Meyer) - An artist with perception problems


Nicole (Samantha Quan) - A Chinese adoptee

Sheriff Costello (Jack Conley)

Lucky Thirteen[]

Spencer (Angela Gots) - Thirteen's one night stand


Jerry Harmon (Salvator Xuereb) - A product tester

Becca (Vanessa Zima) - The mother of Cuddy's prospective adopted baby

The Itch[]

Stewart Nozick (Todd Louiso) - An agoraphobic tech manual writer


Sophia Isabel Velez (Emily Rios) - An emancipated minor

Jona (Kyle Silverstein) - A four-year-old boy and Foreman's first solo case

Last Resort[]

Jason (Željko Ivanek) - A desperate patient with an undiagnosed condition

Bowman (Wood Harris) - The chief tactical officer during the hostage taking

The Hostages

Let Them Eat Cake[]

Emmy (Samantha Shelton) - A fitness guru

Janice Burke (Lori Petty) - A Huntington's patient in Foreman's clinical trial

Deedee (Becky Baeling) - An actress House hires to bust Kutner's second opinion website

Joy to the World[]

Natalie Soellner (B.K. Cannon) - A sick teenager and Rachel Cuddy's biological mother

Whitney (Bitsie Tulloch) - A pregnant woman who claims never to have had sex

Squatter (Christopher DeMaci) - A man living in an abandoned home

Jonathan (Ben Shields) - The man Kutner bullied in high school


Jeff (Martin Henderson) - A man suffering from chronic pain

Big Baby[]

Sarah (Erika Flores) - A special needs teacher

The Greater Good[]

Dana Miller (Judith Scott) - An assistant chef and former oncologist


Daniel Bresson (Jimmi Simpson) - A priest at a mission

The Softer Side[]

Jackson Smith (Dominic Scott Kay) - A boy who was born with ambiguous sexuality

Ian (Nick Puga) - A clinic patient with a broken finger

The Social Contract[]

Nick Greenwald (Jay Karnes) - A book editor who can't stop saying what he thinks

Here Kitty[]

Morgan West (Judy Greer) - A nurse at an elderly care facility

  • Debbie - The cat that predicts death

Neil Zane (Christopher Moynihan) - A man claiming to be an old friend of Taub's

Locked In[]

Lee (Mos Def) - A patient with locked-in syndrome

Simple Explanation[]

Charlotte Novack (Colleen Camp) - A middle-aged woman

Rosabel (Taylor Hardick) - A young pageant contestant

Nurse Anne (Liz Benoit)


Doug Svensen (Tim Rock) - An environmental activist

House Divided[]

Seth Miller (Ryan Lane) - A deaf high-school wrestler

Karamel (Becky O'Donohue) - A stripper

Under My Skin[]

Penelope (Jamie Tisdale) - A ballerina

Both Sides Now[]

Scott (Ashton Holmes) - A man with alien hand syndrome

Eugene Schwartz (Carl Reiner) - A clinic patient who squacks

Season Six[]


Psychiatric Hospital Patients

Psychiatric Hospital Staff

Lydia (Franka Potente) - Annie's sister-in-law and frequent visitor

Epic Fail[]

Vince Pearson (Rick D. Wasserman) - A videogame developer

Cecile (Freda Foh Shen) - A woman from House's cooking class

The Tyrant[]

President Dibala (James Earl Jones) - An African dictator

Murphy (David Marciano) - Wilson's angry neighbor

Instant Karma[]

Jack Randall (Tanner Maguire) - A sick young boy

Brave Heart[]

Donny (Jon Seda) - A reckless police detective

On Rounds

Priest (Doug McKeon) - A Catholic priest

Known Unknowns[]

Jordan (Annabelle Attanasio) - A patient who can't tell the truth


Hank Hardwick (Troy Garity) - A famous porn star

In Taub's office

Ignorance is Bliss[]

James Sidas (Esteban Powell) - A brilliant physicist

Ed Beringer (Larry Cedar) - A book store owner

Nurse Jeffrey (Patrick Price) - A male nurse at PPTH

Dianna (Cheryl Carter) - A clinic patient House was nice to impress Cuddy

Ronnie (Andrea Gabriel) - An insurance company spy


Tucker (Joshua Malina) - A cancer survivor and friend of Wilson's

Del Wilson (Willie C. Carpenter) - One of Wilson's cancer patients

Saul Koplowicz (Robert Katims) - Another of Wilson's cancer patients

Juan (Gil Espinoza) - House's patient with lung problems

Sandy (Christina Vidal) - Wilson's assistant

The Down Low[]

Mickey (Ethan Embry) - An undercover police officer

Nora (Sasha Alexander) - Wilson & House's new neighbour.


Valerie (Beau Garrett) - A psychopath

Lorenzo Wibberly (Ray Abruzzo) - A former classmate of House's

Jose (Jaime Alvarez) - Wilson's clinic patient

Moving the Chains[]

Daryl (Da’Vone McDonald) - A college football player

Jim Dunnagan (Trever O'Brien) - A clinic patient trying to avoid military duty

5 to 9[]

Mr. Plutus - House's unseen patient

At Atlantic Net Insurance

In the pharmacy

Sanford Wells (Nigel Gibbs) - Chairman of the Board

Dr. Dave Thomas (John Lacy) - Chief Surgeon

Martin Acevedo (Bernardo Verdugo) - A patient who is suing the hospital

Claudia (Rajni Kareer) - The call center supervisor

Hall (Kim Estes) - A cancer patient looking for breast milk

Masseuse (Tara Rice)

Private Lives[]

Frankie (Laura Prepon) - A blogger

Nurse Belinda (Elena Evangelo)

Black Hole[]

Abby Nash (Cali Fredrichs) - A high school senior

Maya (Danna Brady) - A physiotherapist who likes Taub


Nash (David Strathairn) - A terminally ill classics professor

Sarah Luzinski (Riki Lindhome) A new mother

Daria (Dava Krause) - The cafeteria cashier

Knight Fall[]

Sir William (Noah Segan) - A Renaissance Fair performer

Apothecary (Ryan Radis)

Sarah (Carey Embry) - A transvestite

Open and Shut[]

Julia (Sarah Wayne Callies) - A woman in an open marriage

The Choice[]

Theodore Philip Taylor (Adam Garcia) - A young man preparing to get married


Sidney Merrick (Zoe McLellan) - A woman with no memory

Help Me[]

Jay Dolce (Doug Kruse) - A crane operator

Hanna (China Shavers) - A woman trapped in a collapsed building

EMT Coumont (Angel Oquendo)

Season Seven[]

Now What?[]

Dr. Richardson (George Wyner) - A very ill neurosurgeon

Alex (Chris Conner) - Cuddy's newest assistant

Malkin (Matt Salinger) - The man from the Department of Public Hospitals


Della (Alyson Stoner) - A young skateboarder

Maurice (Murray Gershenz) - A centenarian clinic patient

Ernest (Sean Smith) - The head of Human Resources

Vincent (Reggie De Leon) - A cafeteria worker


Alice Tanner (Amy Irving) - A famous writer

Very Hot Woman (Allison Ochmanek) - Chase's date

Massage Therapy[]

Margaret McPherson (Erin Cahill) - A young wife

Dr. Kelly Benedict (Vinessa Shaw) - Chase's choice for Thirteen's replacement

Brandi (Jamie Tompkins) - House's masseuse/hooker

Unplanned Parenthood[]

Kayla - A very sick newborn baby

Dr. Christina Fraser (Charlene Amoia) - Foreman's short lived choice for Thirteen's replacement

Dr. Cheng (Keiko Agena) - A pediatrician and Taub's choice for Thirteen's replacement

Office Politics[]

Joe Dugan (Jack Coleman) - A campaign manager

A Pox on Our House[]

Julie (Hayley Chase)- A teenage girl, recently back from diving in the Bahamas

Dr. Dave Broda (Dylan Baker) - The contagious disease specialist from the CDC

Geerte (Tess Kartel) - The team's Dutch translator and webcam girl

Small Sacrifices[]

Ramon Silva (Kuno Becker) - A man who re-enacts the crucifixion

Chase's girls

Larger Than Life[]

Jack (Matthew Lillard) - The subway hero

Carrot or Stick[]

Driscoll (Sasha Roiz) - A drill camp instructor

Chase's other girls

Family Practice[]

Dr. Marty Kaufman (Ben Bode) - The hospital's head of internal medicine

You Must Remember This[]

Nadia (Tina Holmes) - A woman with perfect biographical memory

Female Lawyer (Suze Cote)

Two Stories[]

Phillip Wright (Willis Chung) - A student at Rutgers University

At the school

Carmen (Gwen Mihok) - The clinic patient

Nurse Laura (Sheena Zadeh

Recession Proof[]

Bert Eskey (Adrian LaTourelle) - A former property developer


Ryan (Brett DelBuono) - A troubled teenage boy

Out of the Chute[]

Lane (Chad Faust) - A rodeo bull rider

Carnell (Cleo Berry) - A helpful bellhop

House's women

Fall from Grace[]

Danny Jennings (Chris Marquette) - A homeless man

The Dig[]

Brian (Terry Maratos) - A junior high school science teacher

Harold Lam (Justin Chon) - House's rival in a spud gun contest

Last Temptation[]

Kendall Pearson (Michelle DeFraites) - A 16 year old competitive sailor

Donovan (Jennifer Landon) - Masters' roommate

Cruz (Tommy Savas) - Masters' classmate


Cyrus Harry (Donal Logue) - A recent lottery winner

Lawyer (David A. Kimball) - Arlene Cuddy's lawyer

The Fix[]

Dr. Wendy Lee (Linda Park) - A rocket scientist

Terry Foley (Kevin Phillips) - A washed up boxer

Dr. Riggin (Brian Huskey) - A research scientist working on muscle regrowth

After Hours[]

Darrien McCurdy (Amy Landecker) - A former prisoner

  • Andre - The boyfriend who stabbed her

Dina (Kendra Andrews) - A stripper

Bobby the Bouncer

Moving On[]

Afsoun Hamidi (Shohreh Aghdashloo) - A performance artist

Jerry Barrett (Thom Bishops) - Cuddy's latest date

Season Eight[]

Twenty Vicodin[]

Nick - (Sebastian Sozzi) - A low level drug dealer

Dr. Sykes - (Thom Barry) - The senior doctor in the infirmary

Mendelson - (Jude Ciccolella) - The head of the white supremacist gang

Stomper (Mars Crain) - A huge African-American prisoner

Nurse Kathy Hostetter (Bianca DeGroat) - the dispensing nurse

C.O. Alvarez (Wayne Lopez) - One of the better guards

Frankie (Michael Massee) - House's friend and chess partner

Rollo (Nate Mooney) - A petty thief

Warden Delaire (Michael Pare) - Head of the parole board

Porter (Jaleel White) - The prison entrepreneur

Curtis Asofa (Kaleti Williams) - House's cellmate


Stevie Weathers - At present, just a pair of donor lungs

Vanessa (Liza Snyder) - A dying cancer patient in need of a lung transplant

Betty (Michele Marsh) - The orthopaedic clinic doctor

Dr. Mike Pinto (Jimmy Stathis) - One of the consultants and the current owner of House's chair

Charity Case[]

Benjamin Byrd (Wentworth Miller) - A rich philanthropist

Trina (Toni Trucks) - A social worker

Clancy (Niko Baur) - A young man who is enjoying his neighbour's pool

Risky Business[]

Thad Barton (Michael Nouri) - A rich industrialist

Dr. Morton (Jade Carter) - An orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Mark Andrews (Ben Lemon) - Park's old boss

Simon (Jun Hee Lee) - A man in a conjoined twins costume

The Confession[]

Bob Harris (Jamie Bamber) - A leading small town citizen

Mayor Collins (E.E. Bell)

Cindy (Carlie Casey) - The beauty queen


Ben Parker (Harrison Thomas) - A birthday clown

Vince (Jack N. Harding) - A man who doesn't understand tracking anklets

Monroe (John Scurti) - A clinic patient who is sure he has diabetes

Jim Lampley - The boxing commentator, as himself

Dead & Buried[]

Iris (Madison Davenport) - A moody teenage girl

Drew Lemayne - A long deceased boy

Milton (David Wells) - The cemetery caretaker

Perils of Paranoia[]

Tommy (Vincent Spano) - A paranoid district attorney

Anita (Yaya DaCosta) - A very pretty woman at Foreman's gym

Mariel Wilkerson (Rachel Sterling) - A very pretty clinic patient

Ethan (Blake Anderson) - Clinic patient and petty thief

Better Half[]

Andres Tavares (Ivo Nandi) - A sick Alzheimer's patient

Kayla (Corri English) - A woman in an asexual marriage

Mr. Laffont (Ian Gregory) - The tracking anklet technician


Callie Rogers (Bridgit Mendler) - A homeless runaway (Patient Of The Week)

Sheldon (Brad Carter) - A clinic patient dressed as a Confederate general

Adele Brown (Zylan Brooks) - A social worker

Nobody's Fault[]

Bill Koppelman (David Anders) - A chemistry teacher

Dr. Walter Cofield (Jeffrey Wright) - The head of neurology at New York Mercy


Moira Parker (Julie Mond) - A young woman who plans to become a nun

Chase's girlfriends

Man of the House[]

Joe Reese (Jake Weber) - A popular marriage expert

Nate Weinmann (Jose Zuniga) - The INS investigator

Calvin Ayres (John Gloria) - House's immigration lawyer

Love is Blind[]

Will Westwood (Michael B. Jordan) - A blind man

Blowing the Whistle[]

Brant Macklin (Arlen Escarpeta) - An army private charged with treason

Mel (Steve Nevil) - A clinic patient with a nasal infection

Jason (Adam Cagley) - A drunk clinic patient

Gut Check[]

Bobby Hatcher (Greg Finley) - A minor-league hockey enforcer

Duncan (Will Shadley) - Wilson's long lost son

Szabo (Christian Lalonde) - An older hockey player, past his prime

We Need the Eggs[]

Henry (Kevin Christy) - A man who cries blood

Wendy Jacobson (Alexis Raben) - Taub's new girlfriend

Harris (George Sharperson) - Emily the prostitute's supposed fiance

Micah (Patrick Stump) - A man who likes Park

The Applicants

Body and Soul[]

Lue (Riley Lennon Nice) - A young boy of Hmong heritage

The C Word[]

Emily Lawson (Rachel Eggleston) - a six year old with a severe genetic disease

Dr. Michael A. Kondo (Art Chudabala) - Wilson's oncologist

John Taylor (Gabriel Suttle) - A former patient of Wilson's

Post Mortem[]

Dr. Peter Treiber (Jamie Elman) - A hospital pathologist

Dr. Penza (Peter Weller) - a doctor at the hospital

On the road

Holding On[]

Derrick (Skylar Astin) - A 19 year old cheerleader

Matt Johnson (Enzo Cilenti) - A lawyer

Everybody Dies[]

Oliver (James LeGros) - A drug seeker