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This article contains the medical diagnoses of all the eight seasons of House M.D.. Each season has its section in the table below. Just click on the tab and this will display the list.

This is a list of all the medical diagnoses from season one:

Episode Patient(s) Medical diagnose(s)
1 Pilot Rebecca Adler Neurocysticercosis
2 Paternity Dan Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis
3 Occam's Razor Brandon Merrell Colchicine poisoning
4 Maternity Baby Girl Hartig Echovirus 11
Baby Boy Howson
Baby Boy Chen-Lupino
5 Damned If You Do Sister Mary Augustine Allergic reaction to copper IUD.
6 The Socratic Method Lucy Palmeiro Vitamin K deficiency, liver cancer, Wilson's disease
7 Fidelity Elise Snow African trypanosomiasis.
8 Poison Matt Davis Organophosphate poisoning
Chi Ling
9 DNR John Henry Giles Arteriovenous malformation
10 Histories Victoria Madsen Rabies
11 Detox Keith Foster Napthalene poisoning
12 Sports Medicine Hank Wiggen Cadmium poisoning
13 Cursed Gabriel Reilich Leprosy
14 Control Carly Forlano Congestive heart failure due to drug abuse
15 Mob Rules Joey Arnello Ornithine Transcarbamylase Deficiency
16 Heavy Jessica Simms Cushing's disease
17 Role Model Gary H. Wright Common variable immunodeficiency disease from interaction of Epstein-Barr virus with anti-seizure medication
18 Babies & Bathwater Naomi Randolph Small-cell lung cancer
19 Kids Mary Carroll Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura
20 Love Hurts Harvey Park Fulminating osteomyelitis
21 Three Stories The Farmer Necrotizing fasciitis
Volleyball Player Cancerous adenoma
Carmen Electra/Middle aged man/Gregory House Necrosis due to Muscle death due to Infarction due to clot due to aneurysm
22 Honeymoon Mark Warner Acute intermittent porphyria

Episode Patient(s) Medical diagnose(s)
1 Meaning Richard McNeil Addison's Disease
Caren Krause Scurvy
2 Cane & Able Clancy Green Chimerism
3 Informed Consent Ezra Powell Senile amyloidosis
4 Lines in the Sand Adam Kelvey Baylisascaris
5 Fools for Love Tracy Hereditary Angioedema
6 Que Será Será George Small-cell carcinoma
7 Son of Coma Guy Kyle Wozniak MERRF syndrome
8 Whac-A-Mole Jack Walters Chronic granulomatous disease
9 Finding Judas Alice Hartman Erythropoietic protoporphyria
10 Merry Little Christmas Abigail Ralphean Langerhans cell histiocytosis
11 Words and Deeds Derek Hoyt Spinal Meningioma
12 One Day, One Room Ear Patient Cockroach in ear
Paciente Athlete's foot in nose
Eve Chlamydia and Pregnancy
Paciente Swallowed a magnet
13 Needle in a Haystack Stevie Lipa Bleeding from swallowed toothpick
14 Insensitive Hannah Morgenthal Vitamin B-12 deficiency due to Tapeworm
15 Half-Wit Patrick Obyedkov Takayasu's arteritis
16 Top Secret John Kelley Hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia
17 Fetal Position Emma Sloan Maternal mirror syndrome from Non-immune hydrops fetalis due to Congenital cystic adenomatoid malformation
18 Airborne Fran Methyl bromide poisoning
Peng Decompression sickness
19 Act Your Age Jasper Exposure to testosterone causing precocious puberty
20 House Training Lupe Sepsis from Staphylococcus infection
21 Family Matty Histoplasmosis
22 Resignation Addie Infection from artery/vein fistula in intestine as the result of ingestion of caustic substance in suicide attempt.
23 The Jerk Nate Haemochromatosis
24 Human Error Marina Hernandez Infected third ostium

Episode Patient(s) Medical diagnose(s)
1 Dying Changes Everything Lou Lepromatous leprosy
2 Not Cancer Apple Transplanted cancerous stem cells
3 Adverse Events Brandon Food Boli Bezoar
4 Birthmarks Nicole Insertion of large number of pins through skull and into brain shortly after birth
5 Lucky Thirteen Spencer Sjögren's syndrome
6 Joy Jerry Harmon Familial Mediterranean fever
Samantha Harmon
7 The Itch Stewart Nozick Lead poisoning
8 Emancipation Sophia Isabel Velez Acute promyelocytic leukemia
Jonah Iron toxicity
9 Last Resort Jason Melioidosis
10 Let Them Eat Cake Emmy Hereditary coproporphyria
11 Joy to the World Natalie Soellner Eclampsia
12 Painless Jeff Abdominal Epilepsy
13 Big Baby Sarah Patent ductus arteriosus
14 The Greater Good Dana Miller Ectopic endometriosis
15 Unfaithful Daniel Bresson Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
16 The Softer Side Jackson Smith Kidney dysfunction secondary to dehydration and contrast-induced nephropathy
17 The Social Contract Nick Greenwald Autoimmunity secondary to Doege-Potter syndrome
18 Here Kitty Morgan West Appendiceal carcinoid
19 Locked In Lee Locked-in syndrome secondary to leptospirosis
20 Simple Explanation Charlotte and Eddie Novack Visceral leishmaniasis (Charlotte) and Blastomycosis (Eddie)
21 Saviors Doug Svensen Sporotrichosis
22 House Divided Seth Miller Sarcoidosis
23 Under My Skin Penelope and House Gonorrhea (Penelope) and Vicodin addiction (House)
24 Both Sides Now Scott, Eugene Schwartz and House Propylene glycol toxicity (Scott), Pancreatic tumor (Eugene Schwartz) and Psychosis (House)

Episode Patient(s) Medical diagnose(s)
1 Now What? Dr. Richardson Toad egg toxicity
2 Selfish Della Sickle cell trait
3 Unwritten Alice Tanner Trauma-related syringomyelia
4 Massage Therapy Margaret McPherson Side effects of risperidone; schizophrenia
5 Unplanned Parenthood Abbey and Kayla Pulmonary embolism secondary to lung cancer and melanoma (Abbey); hereditary melanoma (Kayla)
6 Office Politics Joe Dugan Hepatitis C
7 A Pox on Our House Julie Rickettsialpox
8 Small Sacrifices Ramon Silva Marburg multiple sclerosis; malnutrition
9 Larger than Life Jack Varicella
10 Carrot or Stick Driscoll and Landon Parks Variegate porphyria
11 Family Practice Arlene Cuddy Cobalt poisoning secondary to metallosis
12 You Must Remember This Nadia McLeod syndrome causing Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
13 Two Stories Phillip Wright Food lodged in the lung
14 Recession Proof Bert Eskey Muckle-Wells syndrome
15 Bombshells Ryan and Cuddy Staphylococcus from an abcess (Ryan); Benign tumor in the kidney; antibiotic allergy (Cuddy)
16 Out of the Chute Lane Bartonella
17 Fall From Grace Danny Jennings Adult Refsum disease
18 The Dig Nina and Brian Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome leading to compulsive hoarding; Q fever (Nina); Q fever (Brian)
19 Last Temptation Kendall Pearson Lymphosarcoma
20 Changes Cyrus Harry Teratoma
21 The Fix Dr. Wendy Lee and Terry Foley Spanish fly (cantherides) poisoning (Wendy); Glomus tumor (Terry)
22 After Hours Darrien Entamoeba
23 Moving On Afsoun Hamidi Granulomatosis with polyangiitis