Lorenzo Wibberly
Name Lorenzo Wibberly
Age About 50
Occupation Grocery store worker
Actor Ray Abruzzo
First Appearance Remorse
Lorenzo Wibberly was a former classmate of Gregory House who appeared in the Season 6 episode Remorse. He was portrayed by Ray Abruzzo.

As part of his addiction recovery program, House had to reach out to someone he had wronged to apologize. He decided on Wibberly - House had switched his assignment with Wibberly's back in medical school to show that their professor was biased against House. House believed the result would be that Wibberly would get a good grade and he would get a bad grade. However, when House received an "A" on the assignment, he realized that his plan may have backfired and maybe his work wasn't all that good.

However, after he sent his apology, Wibberly got in contact with House and House agreed to meet him. When they met, Wibberly told him that he failed the assignment and finished one credit short of his degree. He was currently working in a grocery store.

Later, he visits Wibberly. Wibberly has a very nice home, but he has to move out of it because paying his father's medical bills nearly bankrupted him and he can't keep up with his adjustable rate mortgage.

After that, House plans to give Wibberly money to pay his mortgage for a few months. However, when he presents the check, Wibberly admits he was lying - he got an A+ based on House's assignment and went on to have a career as an orthopedic surgeon. However, he defrauded Medicare in order to pay his gambling debts and lost his license over it. House still offers to pay his debts, but Wibberly refuses to take the money even though they argue about it.

However, at the end of the episode, House drops a check for $5,000 through the mail slot.

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