Name Luca
Marital Status Single
Occupation Assistant
Actor James Hiroyuki Liao
First Appearance Moving On
Luca was the assistant and former lover of Afsoun Hamidi in the Season 7 episode Moving On.  He was portrayed by actor James Hiroyuki Liao.

Luca is first seen at the art gallery where Hamidi is putting on a piece of performance art.  When a patron threatens Afsoun with a lighter after dousing her with paint thinner, Luca grabs him despite Hamidi's previous instructions not to interfere.  Hamidi soon collapses and Luca accompanies her to the hospital.

At the hospital, the team notices Luca is always by Hamidi's side.  However, House soon realizes that he is there to record Hamidi's hospital stay and has his team find a camera hidden in a stuffed toy Luca has been carrying around.

House soon figures out that Hamidi is already aware of what condition she has.  Luca implores her to tell House what the problem is, but she refuses.

House finally determines that Hamidi was diagnosed with CNS lymphoma, and goes to discharge her.  However, when he finds out she also has what seems to be eczema, he realizes the lesion in her brain was granulomatosis with polyangiitis.

Hamidi refuses radiation therapy because of the side effects.  Luca threatens to leave her, but she sticks by her decision.  Luca follows through on his threat.

However, realizing how much she's alienating herself from those who love her, she relents and agrees to treatment.  Luca returns to her.  

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