Marcus Foreman
Marcus Foreman
Name Marcus Foreman
Occupation None (In Prison)
Actor Orlando Jones
First Appearance Euphoria (Part 2) (mentioned)
Moving the Chains

Marcus Foreman is the brother of Eric Foreman, and the son of Rodney Foreman and Alicia Foreman. He made his first appearance in the episode Moving the Chains. He is portrayed by the actor Orlando Jones.

He was mentioned first in the episode Euphoria (Part 2), he didn't know that Foreman was sick due to the fact that he was in jail. Later in the episode Finding Judas, Officer Michael Tritter who is questioning Foreman about how many pills House takes in one day, offers to lower Marcus's prison sentence to only two more months if Foreman testifies against House. Foreman says that he has become a different person than his brother so he says no.

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