Mark Adams
Name Mark Adams
Actor Kurt Fuller
First Appearance Poison

Mark Adams is the son of Georgia Adams, a clinic patient in the episode Poison. He is a man in his fifties. He was portrayed by actor Kurt Fuller.

Mark brought Georgia to the clinic when she was acting strangely. He thought his mother was blaming him for her problems because he brought home a DVD featuring Ashton Kutcher instead of Gone With The Wind and was too busy to return it. When Georgia described her symptoms (not being able to stop thinking about Ashton) and then made a pass at House, Mark told House that she was just losing it because she was getting old. However, House was condescending to Mark because a change in personality like his mother was exhibiting was usually the sign of an underlying illness. Georgia told House he was only upset because he hadn't eaten, and House told her to feed her "cranky kid".

Later, when Georgia tested positive for syphillis, House tried to send Mark out of the room, but Georgia said it was okay for him to stay. House asked Georgia about her recent sexual history and when she said it had been fifteen years, Mark said his father had only died eight years before. He found out his parents hadn't been intimate for seven years before that. When House told Georgia about the syphillis, Mark was angry, but Georgia told him that she had contracted it about eighty years before. Mark was shocked to hear that his mother had sex with someone before she married his father.

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