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Mark Allmore was a very unusual clinic patient in the Season 4 episode 97 Seconds. He was portrayed by actor Charlie Hofheimer.

Mark came to the clinic and was seen by Gregory House. Dr. House noted that Mark was in a neck brace as well as having a cast on both one arm and one leg. As Dr. House approached Mark to find out what his complaint was, Mark pulled out a knife. Dr. House backed off and tried to molify Mark, but to his astonishment, Mark stuck the knife into a nearby electrical outlet, electrocuting himself and inducing cardiac arrest. More curious than anything else, Dr. House called a code blue and waited for emergency personnel to arrive. He then left the examination room.

Dr. House went to see Mark. He asked him why he tried to commit suicide in front of him. Mark told Dr. House that wasn't his intention and he did it in a hospital because he knew he would be revived. He told Dr. House he was in a recent automobile accident (explaining the casts and brace) where he was clinically dead for 97 seconds. He told Dr. House it was the best experience of his life and he wanted to repeat it. Dr. House tried to explain that in near-death situations, the brain can release huge amounts of endorphins that can cause euphoria, but Mark dismissed the idea because he had already tried lots of drugs and nothing made him feel like dying did. Mark was sure it was an indication of the afterlife.

Dr. House left, but became obsessed with the patient. Dr. House had also had a near death experience and he was sure that it had a rational explanation. To prove it, he decided to page Amber Volakis just before electrocuting himself. Dr. Volakis arrived just before he did and was able to call a code blue herself and revive Dr. House, although he was badly injured and remained unconscious.

When Dr. House regained consciousness he found James Wilson there asking what he was doing and calling him an idiot. Dr. House said he had to speak to Mark, but Dr. Wilson informed him that Mark had passed away a couple of hours earlier from complications of the electrocution mixed with his previous severe trauma.



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