Name Marvin
Occupation Mall Santa
Actor Dakin Matthews
First Appearance Damned If You Do

Marvin was a clinic patient in the episode Damned If You Do. He was portrayed by actor Dakin Matthews.

Marvin came to the clinic, still dressed in his Santa costume, because he was having difficulty with his irritable bowel syndrome. He was seen by Gregory House who sniffed the air when he came into the exam room and asked if it was IBS. Marvin admitted it was and wondered if it was that bad. Dr. House said he hadn't smelled anything – he read it on the patient's chart, but correctly figured that Marvin was having trouble with it due to children sitting on his lap all the time. Marvin admitted that was the case and due to the fact he had to leave to use the washroom urgently and frequently he was in danger of losing his job.

Dr. House wrote something down on a prescription pad and gave it to Marvin. Marvin couldn't read it and Dr. House said it was instructions to smoke a cigarette once every twelve hours. Smokers have a lower incidence of the disease. When Marvin worried that they might be addictive, Dr. House told him that just about anything he gave him for the condition would be addictive as well.

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