Name Maurice
Age 102
Marital Status Widowed
Occupation Retired
Actor Murray Gershenz
First Appearance Selfish

Maurice was a clinic patient in the Season 7 episode Selfish. He was portrayed by actor Murray Gershenz.

Maurice came to the clinic with his son Sidney. He complained of weakness, fatigue and tingling in his hands and feet. They were seen by Gregory House who attempted to reassure them that these symptoms were common in persons over 100 years old. However, Sidney told Dr. House that even at his father's age, he was usually "as strong as an ox" and demanded a series of tests to see what might be wrong.

However, Sidney later found Dr. House outside the clinic and admitted Dr. House was right. Maurice still lived with Sidney and Sidney felt he had to go to an old-age-home where he could be properly cared for. However, he didn't have the heart to tell his father. He asked Dr. House to fake test results and say that Maurice needed full-time care. He offered Dr. House a $20 bribe, but Dr. House said that would have been a good bribe in the 1970s. Sidney sweetened it with another $20.

Sometime later, Maurice found Dr. House as well. Not knowing of his son's true feelings, he apologized for Sidney's behavior and said he could not let go. Maurice also wanted to go into a home and bribed Dr. House $100 to fake the test results and say he needed to got in a home, preferably a nice one.

Dr. House prepared a large envelope with the words "TEST RESULTS" printed on it in large letters and called Maurice and Sidney back. He announced to them that Maurice had to go into a home. They both feigned surprise and protested, but when Sidney mentioned that he did not think it was that bad just because Maurice sometimes had problems telling hot from cold, Dr. House asked why they hadn't mentioned that earlier. Maurice confirmed it was a problem and did not think much about it. Dr. House asked to look at his teeth. He saw Maurice had very loose fitting dentures and asked him how much denture adhesive he used. Maurice said about one tube a day - he got it cheap online. Dr. House realized Maurice only had zinc poisoning from the denture adhesive - he would be fine if he got new dentures. He told the men, then gave them back their bribes on the pretext that it was a hospital rebate program. He told them to spend it on couples counselling.

102 And Hates Being Looked After - House M.D

102 And Hates Being Looked After - House M.D.

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