Max was the girlfriend of the patient Hannah who was suffering from insomnia and had not slept for 10 days straight. She was portrayed by Dahlia Salem.

Max was dating a girl named Hannah. They had been dating a long time. Last winter, they had gone skiing for spring break and Hannah had hurt her knee badly so she had taken ibuprofen. About a month before Hannah's hospitalization, Max had gotten Hannah a dog from a breeder at a place called Blue Barrell Kennels. However, Hannah had had an allergic reaction to the dog and sadly, they were forced to get rid of it.

A few weeks after they had gotten rid of the dog, Hannah started suffering from insomnia. She was having trouble sleeping. After the point where she hadn't slept for ten days, Hannah took an entire bottle of sleeping pills but didn't fall asleep. In the morning, Max found her and called an ambulance that took her to Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital.

At Princeron-Plainsboro, Max was extremely faithful to Hannah, she was by her side constantly. House decided that Hannah wasn't sick enough for any of them to tell what she had using tests, so he told Foreman to keep her awake. Max questioned whether this was safe or not, Foreman assured her that it was safe. However, while doing this, suddenly Hannah started having severe rectal bleeding. Eventually, they had to do a colonoscopy but they had to keep Hannah awake for it, Hannah was in pain. Max comforted her by telling her to picture them skiing on spring break, Hannah didn't think that she did good skiing but Max told her that she was great. Then, extremely thin blood came puring out of her nose.

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