Micah is the young hospital employee who develops an interest in Chi Park in the Season 8 episode We Need the Eggs. He was portrayed by actor/musician Patrick Stump.

Micah advertised a guitar for sale and got a message from Dr. Park. However, he had sold it in the meantime and when he ran into her in the pathology lab he took the opportunity to meet her. She was enthusiastic about the guitar until she found out it had been sold, but was understanding and thanked Micah for letting her know.

When Micah left, Taub noted to Park that he thought Micah liked her. Park told him he was wrong, but Taub noted that Micah was returning. Micah stepped back into the lab and asked Park if she might like to jam with his band that evening. Park was noncommittal, but Micah invited her anyway. After Micah left again, Taub teased Park about having a boyfriend, at which point she threatened to hit him.

Park didn't go to meet Micah, and when House found out he called out Park for being a coward about relationships in order to maintain her relationship with her demanding family.

However, Park finally lied to her mother about having to stay late at work and instead invited Micah to "jam" in House's conference room.

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