Michael Massee
Biographical Information
Born September 1, 1952
Birthplace Kansas City, MO
Gender Male
Years Active 1991-2016
Role Frankie
Season Season 8
Episode Twenty Vicodin

Michael Massee (1952-2016) was an American actor. On House, M.D. he portrayed Gregory House's chess-playing prison buddy Frankie in the Season 8 premiere Twenty Vicodin.

Massee had made a good living playing villains, and has had featured roles in Home of Angels, The Crow, Burnzy's Last Call, One Fine Day, Jamaica Beat, Lost Highway, The End of Violence, Playing God, Amistad, Guy, War of the Angels, Bad City Blues, The White River Kid, Corky Romano, 24, Momentum, Catwoman, Carnivale, Revelations, Pandemic, Underdog, Supernatural, FlashForward, The Resident and Rizzoli & Isles.


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