For the neighbor in We Need the Eggs, see Molly

Molly was the small-town waitress who participated in a threesome with James Wilson in the Season 8 episode Post Mortem. She was portrayed by actress Jennifer Christopher.

While on his way to Cleveland to meet Julie Christie, Wilson insisted he wanted a threesome, but House realized it would be hard to set up and told Wilson he had to do exactly what he told him to do. He obtained a bald wig for Wilson to make it look like he had recently had chemotherapy and they went to a bar. He told Wilson that the only way he could get a threesome was out of pity. Unfortunately, it was in the middle of the afternoon and there were only a few women in the bar. House spotted a prostitute and offered to pay for it, and then Wilson saw Molly, who he thought wasn't bad looking. When she came over, House told her Wilson had cancer and when she showed sympathy, House mentioned that Wilson wanted to go out with a bang.

Molly agreed to go to a motel with Wilson and the prostitute, but one of them stole Wilson's wallet, leaving the pair nearly penniless when House realized the use of his credit card would prove to his probation officer that he had left the state of New Jersey without permission.

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