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The mortuary is the storage area or building for the corpses of the deceased. They are stored until an autopsy can be performed or funeral arrangements can be made.

Morgue storage facilities must be kept refrigerated to prevent dead flesh from decaying. As a result, they are usually kept in the basement of hospitals to keep them at the lowest possible constant temperature and minimize humidity. Although most people won't want to think about it, the morgue is usually near the cafeteria.

House often hides in the morgue, and gleefully breaks the strict rule about having food in the area by having his lunch there.

The morgue in PPTH has been the result of some awkward moments, courtesy of House's team. Some examples include:

  • In Euphoria_(Part_1) House shoots a dead cancer victim to prove the MRI magnet won't remove the pieces. They do, and it breaks the machine. Foreman finds this hilarious -- proving he's now sick with the same illness that the patient has.
  • During the episode Kids, an epidemic of highly contagious bacterial meningitis floods the hospital with hundreds of patients requiring testing. When a young girl is sick with something equally serious but undiagnosed, Foreman is forced to do a bone marrow biopsy in the morgue, as it is sanitary and the only place not crowded.
  • Messing with Cuddy, House blackmails her into submission by eating in the morgue right before a health and safety inspection in Living The Dream