Mother Superior
Name Mother Superior
Marital Status Single
Actor Ann Dowd
First Appearance Damned If You Do

Mother Superior was the head of the convent in the Season 1 episode Damned If You Do.  She was the superior of Sister Mary AugustineSister Mary Eucharist and Sister Mary Pius.  She was portrayed by actress Ann Dowd.

Gregory House goes to speak to the Mother Superior when it becomes clear that Mary Augustine is not being forthcoming about her medical history.  House has noted Augustine has tattoos and realizes she was probably in trouble before she entered the convent.  The Mother Superior admits that Augustine had both a pregnancy and miscarriage before joining the convent, and that she had lived in foster care until she started living on the street.  She explained Augustine believed her old life ended when she entered the convent and she would have thought it untoward to discuss her past, even with her doctor.  However, House had to admit that the information didn't appear to be medically relevant.  However, the Mother Superior offered him some herbal tea and House realized the tea was responsible for one of Augustine's symptoms.

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