Mrs. Shaffer
Name Mrs. Shaffer
Actor Holly Kaplan
First Appearance Son of Coma Guy

Mrs. Shaffer is the woman James Wilson made a clumsy pass at in order to establish an alibi for House in the Season 3 episode Son of Coma Guy. She was portrayed by actress Holly Kaplan.

House and Wilson decide to help Gabriel Wozniak commit suicide so his heart can be donated to his dying son Kyle Wozniak. However, they realize if Gabriel dies while they are in his room, they will be charged with a crime. House decides to prepare Gabriel before waiting just outside the room, but in order to make it work, they have to establish that House is well away from Gabriel's room when Gabriel takes a fatal overdose.

Wilson recruits Fake House, a man who slightly resembles House and then to make sure he's remembered, he approaches Mrs. Shaffer in the casino. He makes a clumsy pass to get her attention, but she points out she's married. He then asks her if she likes to swing. When she replies with an emphatic "no", he still invites her up to their room and turns to Fake House to bring her attention to him. He asks what the room number is, 622 or 642, Fake House replies 622 and Wilson repeats it before leaving, thus establishing both he and House were in the casino.

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