Myron is the paramour of Ramona, a clinic patient in Love Hurts. They are lovers, although they try to mislead Gregory House into believing they are a married couple.

Ramona had complained that since Myron had started using Viagra, he had been both insatiable and too rough with her. She convinced Myron to see Dr. House for his prescription refill as she had earlier told Dr. House to give him something less potent. Instead, Myron complained to Dr. House that it was Ramona who was putting the pressure on him to perform. Dr. House decided to have some fun with the couple by prescribing some blue colored acetaminophen in place of the Viagra.

The result was that both Myron and Ramona came to complain to Dr. House that the pills weren't working. He then forced them to confront each other about the fact that they were both complaining about having too much sex. They initially came around, and Dr. House figured out they weren't married to each other because their wedding rings didn't match.

When Myron used breath spray before he kissed Ramona, Dr. House realized something about his patient that led him to the correct diagnosis.

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