Nicole Margaret Murray, most commonly referred to as Nicole, was the fiance of Ted Taylor in the Season 6 episode The Choice. She was portrayed by actress Eva Ammuri.

Nicole is a the church for her wedding, but in the middle of the wedding vows, Ted suddenly can't talk at all, then collapses. She accompanies him to the hospital.

At the hospital, Ted can't make any sounds until House stabs him with a needle and he screams. His voice returns, but Nicole believes Ted when he says he wasn't faking. He seems to be recovering, but as he laughs, he starts coughing uncontrollably and collapses again.

It soon turns out that Ted had a short relationship with a man. He agrees to be tested for AIDS, but insists that the doctors not tell Nicole and that he isn't gay. However, the doctors trace his symptoms to the drugs used in conversion therapy.

When Ted has a heart attack, he makes up a story about a previous head trauma to explain the way the doctors are treating him.

However, when Ted's old roommate Cotter comes to visit and she notices him touching Ted tenderly, she asks him to leave.Ted finally admits to having sex with Cotter, but claims it was because he was confused about his sexuality.

To screw with the patient, House has his team do a medical history and have Nicole and Cotter in the same room answering the same questions.

The team finally find the problem with Ted and Cotter says his final goodbyes. Ted tries to convince Nicole that he loves her and wants to marry her, but she doesn't entirely believe him and leaves.

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