Nose patient was one of the clinic patients in the Season 3 episode One Day, One Room. He was portrayed by actor Roger Ainslie.

The Nose patient was a very well groomed man in his thirties or early forties. He came to the clinic because he was suffering from nose irritation. When Gregory House came in to see him, the patient noticed Dr. House was wearing sneakers, a rumpled shirt, and pants and a jacket that were worn. He also noticed Dr. House had a very long growth of beard. As Dr. House examined him, the patient reminded Dr. House how important it is to be well groomed as people judge you on what you look like. Dr. House asked the patient if he ever used toenail clippers to trim his nose hairs. The patient admitted he did because they reach in further. Dr. House admitted that he forgot to shave that week, but told the patient that because of the toenail clippers, he had given himself athlete's foot in his nose. Dr. House then said he was ready to be judged.

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