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Wendy is a pediatric nurse at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital who was Eric Foreman's girlfriend in Season 3. She was portrayed by actress Kimberly Quinn.

House first meets Wendy when he sees her talking to Wilson in the episode Fools for Love. He breaks up their friendly conversation by telling Wendy about the time Wilson sawed his cane so it would break because "crippled people were getting too uppity". She knew him by reputation before he introduced himself.

Wilson denied being interested in Wendy, so House set out to prove that Wilson was lying about it. He searched her locker and found that although she was going to a jazz festival that weekend, (Wilson likes jazz), she only had books in her locker - no tapes or CDs. He figured that Wendy didn't care about jazz was only going to the festival to please Wilson and that their relationship was doomed. When Foreman protested, House bet him $200 that he was right and Foreman reluctantly agreed to take the bet. Later in the episode, it is revealed Foreman is the one going out with Wendy and although House protests, he pays off Foreman. However, as Foreman and Wendy leave the hospital, Foreman asks her if she really likes jazz and when she insists she does, he asks her not to lie about it.

The relationship is short lived. The next time we see Wendy is in Insensitive when she asks House when Foreman will be off work because they are going out for Valentine's Day. House has to have Foreman work on a case, but when it's over, Foreman comes to Wendy and announces he's found a great job for her in Boston to help her become a nurse practitioner. However, Wendy wonders why Eric isn't more worried about their relationship than her career. She figures Foreman is too afraid to get close to people and breaks off the relationship.